Thirteen years to the week of our first failed attempt on the Grand, my father and I returned to Jackson Hole to give it another try. Our route this time would be the Upper Exum Ridge. The weather was picture-perfect this time around and aside from a rock fall that saw a half bowling ball sized rock hit me square on the top of my helmut, there were no problems. We stood atop the Grand at last.

My father, Larry, with the Grand Teton behind

Now its my turn to pose

Teton Village (same great skiing here in the winter)

Larry ascending in the basic class

Larry on a rest break with our guide Jim Nigro (in blue)

Me on a rappel in the basic class

Me on a steeper rappel

Me ascending in the intermediate class

Hidden falls and Jenny Lake - Beautiful!

One of us starting a nice, long rappel

Packed up and ready to start our ascent of the Grand

Our guide, Wes Bunch (center), with Larry and a third member of our group who turned back within a couple of hours

Wes leading the way up Garnet Canyon

Rest break - Wes (closest bottom) and Larry (closest top)

I'm ready to make the final push through the extra snow still on the mountain

Wes and Larry moving up

Finally at the top of Garnet Canyon

The Exum hut on the Lower Saddle

Wes talking to Larry about the climb ahead

Larry hydrating far below the Grand and its Upper Saddle

Just relaxing at the hut

Wes and Larry getting ready to rope up at the end of Wall Street

Finally, the snowy summit ridge

Sweet victory

Nothing like a nice cold Dew after a hard morning

Larry with Wes (sitting) and are climbing class guide Jim Nigro

Larry starting the long rappel down to the Upper Saddle

Me starting the same rappel

Larry and Wes on our way back to the Exum hut (center back)

Heading back to the parking lot