Guagua Pichincha, or "Baby Pichincha", is one half of a pair of volcanoes (the other is Rucu Pichincha) located only about 10 km west of Quito. Guagua, the higher of the two, is roughly at 15,685 feet (as noted by the 4781 meter mark at the top) and is still an active volcano. Our goal was to hike to the top for our second acclimitization hike.

At the start of the hike

Starting to spread out a bit

We initially hiked along a dirt road to a hut which is typically used by scientists who stop by to study the volcano. After a brief rest we continued up a dirt path to this ridge which is part of the crater rim. This probably was our best visibility while on the rim. Soon after this, the clouds rolled in and visibility was about 50-100 feet. Here, Eva looks up at the others.

Joey just below me

Andy and Eva arriving at the top

I finally made the top, but there wasn't much to see

Eva and Adny with Joey relaxing on a rock

Enjoying lunch at the hut after descending from the summit

Two of the three hut guardians

Me with the dogs