Peter's Climbing Trip To:
Ecuador Volcanoes
January 25th - February 10 2006

The lure of a new trip to a new country caught ahold of me once again. This time I looked to South America. There are many great mountains and mountain ranges, but when I got wind of a trip to climb the three highest mountains (which happen to be volcanoes) in Ecuador, I was hooked. Three mountains meant multiple summits while mixing in some civilization between climbs. Andy, once again, was up for it as well. We would head to Ecuador as members of a group climb led by Joey Elton of the American Alpine Institute.

Quito   Otavalo   Pasochoa   Pichincha   Hacienda Guachala
Cayambe   Hacienda La Cienega   Cotopaxi   Estacion Urbina   Chimborazo

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