Banos sits in a valley surrounded by mountains and the volcano Tungurahua. The road to Banos continues on into the lower Amazon basin. The town is known for its temperate weather and hotsprings. We had come for a day of rest before heading back to Quito.

On our way out of the mountain area of Chimborazo, we start to see signs of the lush farmlands

Here we are able to get a glimpse of the Tungurahua volcano

The next day is a rest day and Eva, Andy, and I decide to take a hike up one of the hills

We came across two local kids

Further up, we could see the house where the two children lived. We came across several of these homes that are located on the hillside with very little amenities.

Some views of Banos from higher up

The volcano was covered with clouds all day long but we were able to see the remnants of another ash ejection

Some views in and around Banos

A view of downtown Banos from our hotel room