Peter's Climbing Trip To:
Mt. Kenya - Kenya
January 13th - 26th 2003
Trip Write-up

Once again, the itch for a new climb came upon me. I wanted to go higher than Mont Blanc but stay technical in nature. After a little research and reading Felice Benuzzi's WWII POW story outlined in No Picnic on Mount Kenya, I had my mountain. I had never been to Africa and felt this would be a perfect adventure. Andy was game for another trip, so in January 2003 we were off to East Aftrica. We would spend 10 days in the Mt. Kenya National Park as we hiked in with our guide and porters and then hike out after the climb. A truely fabulous experience in a unique environment.

Day 1 (Jan. 15th)
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8 (summit day)
Day 9
Day 10

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