Day 8 - Summit Day at last!

The crampons even fit Andy's tennis shoes.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the faint hump in the distance.

Charles ponders the morning climb.

Peter Checks his safety line.

Andy and Charles on a mid-morning rest.

Peter peering behind Charles.

Peter & Andy wait for Charles to give the go ahead.

Peter and Andy on a break.

Peter and Charles at the top (Nelion Peak).

Summit Champagne!

It is sooooooooo good.

One last drink.

Zambo and Ruby came along too.

A view of Batian from top of Nelion. Batian is 11 meters higher.

A look down at part of the 'Gates of the Mist' between Nelion and Batian.

Surrounding views.

Charles taking a drink.

Shiptons from the top of Nelion (blue object in center).

Andy & Charles with the Austrian hut far below.

Charles inside the Howell Hut.

Peter and Andy's dog toy.

My Dew and a week of scruff.

A look at the route we will take out of the park as seen from Nelion. You can just make out the dirt path running diagonally from lower left to upper right.

Back at the Austrian hut - I was BEAT!

Resting on the way to the Mintos hut. I needed frequent rests.

Peter in the tent getting ready to sleep - finally.