Day 4 was spent hiking to the top of Pt. Lenana (3rd summit of Mt. Kenya).

I didn't want to get up.

A rocky surrounding.

Andy by a small lake.

Paul, John, and Peter during a rest.

The top of Pt. Lenana.

Paul, Peter, & John at the top.

Looking down at the Austrian Hut where we will be in a couple of days.

Peter at the top.... of Pt. Lenana.

Peter (center) rock scrambling a bit.

Paul and John at the top.

A close look at the top part of the SE Face from Pt. Lenana. This is Nelion Peak with Batian behind it. You can see the Howell Hut just below the top on the right side.

A broader look at the SE Face (our route) up Nelion.

Shiptons is in the center. You can see the trail leading up to it.

That will be our route out in a few days.

A view of Shiptons.

Isn't he cute.

Peter trying to waste time.