Day 10 was spent leaving the national park and heading back to Nairobi.

Starting out on our last day in the park.

Paul, Andy, John with Stephen in the back.

We have reached the end of the national park and the beginning of the rain forest.

The truck that picked us up. You can't really tell from this picture but the ruts in the road were tremendous. It was amazing this guy could drive on the road without breaking an axle.

Everyone enjoying some drinks at a resturant in Chogoria Town waiting for our ride.

What do you want!

The soda delivery guy.

We watched this chameleon for some time.

A final parting shot with everyone. Stephen, Peter, John, Paul, Andy, & John.

The local scene.

People just walking down the road..... but to where?

Back in Nairobi.

It's starting to get awefully crowded out there.

Back at the hotel in Nairobi just before shaving 10 days of scruff off.

The front of the hotel from our room.

I had a different thought when I ordered the hotel restaurant's 'Cheese & Onion Rings'.

The gate to get into our hotel. Another British leftover (Hoot).

Andy next to some very large safari buses.