Otavalo is a small town that lies about 2 hours northeast of Quito, just north of the equator. The town is known for its market day on Saturday when the local Otavaleno Indians (indigenous group related to the Incas and one of the only areas where the Incan language Quichua is the primary language, Spanish being their second) bring their merchandise to sell.

Our hike from Otavalo over the hill El Lechero, "The Milkman", on our way to Lago de San Pablo.
(l to r) Joey (out guide), me, Angelina

On the other side of the hill heading down to the lake. The dormant volcano Imbabura (15, 255 ft.) is just along the shoreline. Either that is it in the distance on the northern part of the lake ........

Possibly Imbabura

...... or that is it on the eastern part of the lake

A local just relaxing