On his last day, Andy decided to take a helicopter tour of the area and came back with some great aerial shots of the mountain.

Post card showing the 4 main routes. The Hornli ridge is in red. Lower red structure at the beginning is the Hornli hut and the upper one is the Solvay hut.

The entire route. The Hornli hut can be seen on the ridge in the bottom left.

The Solvay hut (on ridge in center)

The beginning of The Shoulder. Climbers can be seen coming up the beginning of the snow field.

Upper half. The Shoulder is the first big snow field on the ridge. Compare with previous picture. The Solvay hut is just visible on the ridge in the lower left corner.

Mettelhorn (left) & Platthorn (right)

Mont Blanc

The summit. Climbers can be seen on the top (left).