The next day, Richard took us just outside of Chamonix to hike up and climb the Auguille du Tour. After hiking to the Albert 1st hut, we roped up and put on our crampons to hike up & over the snow and ice until we reached the climbing portion. Very tough day but we made the summit. On the way down I broke through a snow bridge and was partially submerged in a crevasse. Not a big deal but on this day I started to get blisters on my feet.

Gouter Ridge & Mont Blanc

Chamonix & Mont Blanc

Beginning trek towards the Glacier du Tour

Heading towards the Refuge Albert 1st

Andy almost at the hut

Gouter Ridge with Mont Blanc (center rear)

Same but no zoom

front part of the Aig. du Tour

Richard leading me up snow path

Snow path leading to Aig. du Tour

Top of Aig. du Tour

Richard at the top